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Bonus Quotation of the Day…

… is from page 4 of the manuscript of University of Arizona philosopher David Schmidtz’s contribution to the forthcoming (2018) book, Markets in Education; this book is part of Oxford University Press’s Debating series; (the philosopher contributing the essay with a viewpoint different from Dave’s is Harry Brighouse) (original emphasis):

imagesWhen people relate only by consent, they are treating each other as self-owners, that is, as beings with a right to say no.  Respecting persons – treating them as persons – starts with respecting their right to say no.  Sellers show up, looking for opportunities to be of service, when showing up is safe – that is, when they expect their right to say no to be respected.  That measure of security is a key to human progress.

DBx: Many of today’s self-described “progressives” of course wish the state to force individuals into various transactions and relationships.  These so-called “progressives” routinely call upon the state to deny to individuals the right to say no.  For example, in the United States, you must help to fund the U.S. Export-Import Bank – you must annually fork over a chunk of your earnings to the Social Security Administration – you must school your children in ways formally approved by the state – you must help to fund government schools.  If you insist on saying “no” to any such requirement – and even if such insistence is your only offense – you’ll be caged like an animal.

This policy is the exact opposite of any policy deserving the name “progressive” or “liberal.”