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Some Links

Neither George Stigler nor my colleague Walter Williams would be surprised by the finding – by Dara Luca and Michael Luca – that raising the minimum wage causes some firms to shut down and that this negative effect is not distributed randomly.  (HT Tyler Cowen)

My GMU Econ colleague Bryan Caplan questions an AP-economics exam question.

Richard Rahn rightly praises the price system.

Bob Higgs explains that immorality remains immoral – and unjustified – even if it is “efficient.”  A slice:

So, yes, economic analysis is necessary for a sound appraisal of government policy actions, but such analysis does not render moral appraisal irrelevant. Far from it. If it is wrong to launch a military attack against a country that has not attacked one’s own and lacks even a capacity for such an attack, no amount of yammering about unknown counter-factuals can make such an allegedly preemptive attack a justifiable action. Likewise for countless other government actions, from the so-called drug war to drone attacks on Yemeni villages populated mainly by innocent men, women, and children. Some things are wrong; they violate people’s natural rights; and they ought not to be done. And no amount of agonizing over economic uncertainties and implausible but-what-if trade-offs can excuse such wrongful acts.

David Henderson and Charley Hooper explore the flaws in climate models.

John Tamny defends short-term investors.

My Mercatus Center colleague (and GMU Econ alum) Matt Mitchell investigates the use of certificate-of-need (“CON”) dictates.  A slice:

35 states and the District of Columbia still maintain CON programs. The justifications for these programs are compelling when they are taken at face value, but a review of the literature finds that CON regulations fail to achieve their worthy goals.

Michael de Sapio reveals the oneness of fascism with communism.

Jeff Jacoby argues that there is nothing civilized about the income tax.

Speaking of the income tax, Mark Perry here offers much good history and data.  And James Harrigan and Antony Davies.  And Elaine Schwartz.