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Some Links

Steve Horwitz explains the unfairness and inequality of forced economic equality.

Bob Higgs, on his Facebook page, distills the essence of protectionism.  A slice:

No one doubts that one way for an individual to increase his wealth is by stealing other people’s stuff. But protectionism, as it is known, is not simply a misleading name for this truism. It is instead the idea that entire groups of individuals (e.g., Americans as a whole) can become more prosperous by raising the cost or depriving consumers entirely of the best deals otherwise available to them in the market. Get it? Having fewer or worse options improves the group’s situation.

Also from Bob Higgs is this wise warning against romanticizing the pre-industrial past.

Marian Tupy is correct: income and prosperity are not identical.

Citing Cato’s Ike Brannon, George Will registers keen objections to mortgage-interest tax deductibility.

Stephanie Slade reacts to Pope Francis’s uninformed criticism of libertarians.

Victoria Brown Calder ponders changes in Americans’ geographic mobility.

Randy Holcombe says that Trump’s tax plan is a move in the right direction.