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Bonus Quotation of the Day…

… is from pages 22-23 of Nicholas Eberstadt’s informative essay – “Longevity, Education, and the Huge New Worldwide Increases in Equality” – which is Chapter 2 of the new (2017) English-language translation of the volume of collected essays edited by Jean-Philippe Delsol, Nicolas Lecaussin, and Emmanuel Martin, Anti-Piketty (footnote deleted; link and graph added; the lower a Gini-index measure of inequality, the more equally ‘distributed’ across a population is whatever feature, such as longevity of life, that the index measures):

According to the Human Mortality Database, U.S. life expectancy has risen progressively since the Great Depression, increasing from about 61 years [at birth] in 1933 to about 79 as of 2013.  Over those same decades, America’s Gini index for lifespan inequality was cut in half – from 0.22 to 0.11.  Irrespective of all the ethnic, income, and other enumerated gaps that characterize our society, Americans of all backgrounds have never before enjoyed such equality in length of life as we know today.