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Some Links

Quoting Arnold Kling: “Affordable housing is a supply problem.

GMU Econ alum (and Creighton University economist) Michael Thomas reviews Cass Sunstein’s book The Ethics of Influence.  A slice:

The individual is not justified because he is a rational chooser, as Sunstein puts it. Instead, Mill says, “Men are not more zealous for truth than they often are for error…” (2009, p. 31). Multiple choosing groups do not preserve the truth, but the possibility for recovering lost truths. Readers might incorporate theories of discovery here, such as those developed by Kirzner (1985). Sunstein’s choice architects, on the other hand, form law through the inclusion of popular sentiment which reduces competing truth claims to one.

David Henderson is rightly critical of Pope Francis’s ignorance of libertarianism.

Ilya Somin writes profoundly about voting with one’s feet.

Daren Bakst exposes the costly cronyism of Uncle Sam’s handouts to agribusiness.  (HT Anthony Onofreo)

Sheldon Richman explains the folly of government-mandated fuel-economy standards.

Bob Higgs gave Bill Orton an idea for a great poster.