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Some Links

Here’s the concluding sentence of George Will’s most recent, and most excellent, column:

Those who would wall off cultures from “outsiders” are would-be wardens.

On the same topic, see also the always-wise Warren Meyer.

Jim Bovard sensibly wants to dethrone the F.B.I.

Jim Dorn calls on Trump not only to cut tax rates but also to cut government spending.

My colleague Pete Boettke reflects on the most recent meeting of the Mont Pelerin Society.

Richard Rahn explains that South Korea would have been even more economically dynamic and successful had its trade and economy been freer.

David Friedman goes into detail about his new project to teach economics.

Kevin Williamson is correct: there is no, and can be no, “right” to health care.  (HT Warren Smith)  A slice:

Here is a thought experiment: You have four children and three apples. You would like for everyone to have his own apple. You go to Congress, and you successfully persuade the House and the Senate to endorse a joint resolution declaring that everyone has a right to an apple of his own. A ticker-tape parade is held in your honor, and you share your story with Oprah, after which you are invited to address the United Nations, which passes the International Convention on the Rights of These Four Kids in Particular to an Individual Apple Each. You are visited by the souls of Mohandas Gandhi and Mother Teresa, who beam down approvingly from a joint Hindu-Catholic cloud in Heaven.

Question: How many apples do you have?

You have three apples, dummy. Three. You have four children. Each of those children has a congressionally endorsed, U.N.-approved, saint-ratified right to an apple of his own. But here’s the thing: You have three apples and four children. Nothing has changed.

Jeff Miron rightly criticizes Jeff Sessions’s escalation of the so-called “war on drugs.”  See also C.J. Ciaramella.