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Some Links

Tim Worstall explains that innovation is fueled by free markets and not by the state.

Robert Samuelson calms the fears of those who worry that robots will steal all of our jobs.

Speaking of robots, Bret Swanson and Michael Mandel – writing in the Wall Street Journal – argue that robots will save the economy.  A slice:

Information technology not only makes existing processes more efficient, it empowers entirely new business models, products and platforms. The physical category’s “information gap” is a drag on growth and helps explain the productivity paradox: Many workers seem not to have benefited from apparent rapid technological advance.

Fortunately, many physical industries are poised for dramatic transformations into digital industries—if we let them.

Here’s a recording of an interview that I did in March on the radio show Illinois Rising.  The topic is minimum wages.

My Mercatus Center colleagues Veronique de Rugy and Tracy Miller offer wise advice on funding surface-transportation infrastructure.

Alberto Mingardi ponders what to expect in France under the presidency of Macron.

Steve Horwitz is correct: environmentalists need to better understand economics.

Writing in U.S. News & World Report, Tom Grennes makes a strong case for repealing the Jones Act.  (Here’s a paper, published by the Mercatus Center, that Tom wrote on the Jones Act.)