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by Don Boudreaux on May 21, 2017

in Balance of Payments, Economics, Environment, Innovation, Legal Issues, Media, Politics, Taxes, Trade

Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby wisely warns the press to avoid getting carried away with their criticisms of Trump.

George Will explores the creeping (and creepy) expansion of Uncle Sam’s power.

Arnold Kling has become more pessimistic about politics – but not about private enterprise and innovators.

James Hagerty remembers Allan Meltzer.  A slice:

He evolved into a libertarian. Capitalism, he wrote in one essay, “works well with people as they are, not as someone would like to make them.”

Does capitalism help or hurt women?

Richard McKenzie offers a new and interesting angle on the BAT proposal.

Richard Ebeling writes sensibly about trade deficits.

Nick Gillespie interviews P.J. O’Rourke.

And, finally, Dilbert.  (HT Roger Meiners)


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