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Some Links

The title (and content) of the latest blog post by my Mercatus Center colleague Dan Griswold is spot-on: “Trump’s 2018 Budget Plan Sows Confusion Over Impact of Trade.

Speaking of Trump and trade, David Henderson points out the disappointing fact that Larry Summers has recently slipped into sounding even worse on trade than Trump (if that’s possible).

Jeff Jacoby laments Americans’ continuing insistence on enforcing racial discrimination.  Here’s the concluding paragraph:

Today, more than 11 million Americans are married outside the racial box. Millions more have dated someone of another race or ethnicity. When it comes to family, the American people have internalized the conviction that racial categories are only skin deep. In our own homes, where it matters most, color-consciousness is archaic. We value others not for the color of their skin, not for the label they check on census forms, but for themselves. Why do we tolerate anything less when it comes to politics, construction, and government employment?

Here’s Antony Davies and James Harrigan on creative destruction.

GMU Econ alum Wayne Crews makes the case for regulatory reform.

I’m not surprised that James Pethokoukis is one of the AEI scholars who remains skeptical of paid-family-leave mandates that have mysteriously come to be supported by other AEI scholars.

My former GMU Econ colleague Omar Al-Ubaydli writes in Forbes on the massive deficit in trade-understanding.

Sheldon Richman argues for a repeal of the corporate-income tax.