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by Don Boudreaux on May 29, 2017

in Crony Capitalism, Economics, Health, Immigration, Property Rights, Trade

Arnold Kling explains why he believes academic economics is moving leftward.  Also, Arnold isn’t impressed with the new journal American Affairs.  (I agree with Arnold in each case.)

My colleague Bryan Caplan draws a lesson from a Bermudan cruise.

Elaine Schwartz supplies an example of the increasing meaninglessness of “Made in …” labels (such as “Made in USA” labels).

Ilya Somin wants more federalism.

While I disagree with his use of the term “free-trade dogma” – a policy well-supported, tested, and polished by nearly 250 years of unceasing theorizing and historical experience is no “dogma” – I agree with Ramesh Ponnuru’s conclusion:

To the extent the U.S. abandons free-trade dogma during the Trump administration, what it will get in its place probably won’t be clever policies to boost Americans’ standard of living. It will be more special-interest lobbying and government favors that make Americans poorer.

GMU Econ alum Howie Baetjer is correct: immigration policy is about property rights.

Here’s Radley Balko’s excellent take on a proposed GOP scheme to further shield government police officers from legal liability.

Bart Hinkle reveals that Trump’s proposed Medicaid cuts are no such thing.


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