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Some Links

John Cochrane responds brilliantly and substantively to Noah Smith on the subject of health care and health-care economics.  (HT Warren Smith)  A slice:

Noah also starts with a logical whopper:

Americans, in general, support government-provided universal health care. A Pew Research Center survey taken in January found that 60 percent say that it’s the responsibility of the federal government to make sure that all Americans have health coverage.

This should be on the SAT reading comprehension test. “Does the evidence support the proposition?” No. “responsibility… to make sure that all Americans have health coverage” is not “support government-provided universal health care.” I support the former, and  not the latter. There are lots of ways, including involving extensive deregulation combined with robust charity care, to deliver “health coverage” without “government-provided universal health care.”

My colleague Bryan Caplan regrettably wins a bet.

Art Carden is rightly critical of today’s increased government surveillance and academic thought-policing.

Also from Art Carden is this summary of the true, unhappy consequences of occupational licensing.

Speaking of the unwarranted burdens of occupational licensing, here’s George Will’s latest.

Richard Rahn exposes the reality-deniers in the environmental movement.

Recent wage and job growth perhaps hasn’t been as sluggish as is commonly believed.  (HT Tyler Cowen)

Mark Perry identifies a deep inconsistency among “Progressives.”  On one hand, most “Progressives” correctly understand that government efforts to raise the purchase prices of particular products make buyers of such products less likely to buy those products.  Yet on the other hand, many (most?) of these same “Progressives” incorrectly insist that government efforts to raise the price of low-skilled labor do not make buyers of such labor less likely to buy such labor.  This inconsistency is indeed inexplicable.  The law of demand, unfortunately, does not yield to anyone’s ideological wishes.