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Some Links

George Will rightly and eloquently – and with the help of Philip Larkin – praises creative destruction.  A slice:

This is a profound truth: The interacting processes that propel the world produce outcomes that no one intends. The fatal conceit – fatal to the fecundity of spontaneous order – is the belief that anyone, or any group of savants, is clever and farsighted enough to forecast the outcomes of complex systems. Who really wants to live in a society where outcomes are “meant,” meaning planned and unsurprising?

Speaking of which, Paul Jacob exposes the oceanic economic ignorance on which floats Douglas Rushkoff’s fear of Amazon.

Here’s the always-wise Jeffrey Tucker.

David Henderson takes appropriate aim at Sam Tanenhaus’s largely favorable review of what appears to be an unintentional work of fiction, Democracy in Chains.

Bob Higgs offers a sensible proposal for higher education.

It’s easier to preach than to practice.

Mike Munger is always insightful.