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More Links About Nancy MacLean’s Fictional Tale

Jonathan Adler.

David Bernstein.  A slice:

Bonus criticism of “Democracy in Chains”: On Page 189, MacLean refers to the Federalist Society as being created “with inspiration from Ed Meese.” Her footnotes cite two sources. The first, a Ph.D. thesis, doesn’t say anything about Meese inspiring the Federalist Society. The second is a famous 1985 speech by Ed Meese that doesn’t mention the Federalist Society at all and couldn’t have inspired its founding given that the Society was founded in 1982.

Charlotte Allen.  A slice:

[David] Bernstein noted that one of MacLean’s white-supremacy claims is that Buchanan, a Southerner and thus a presumed racist, and other libertarians had opposed the Supreme Court’s 1954 school desegregation ruling, Brown v. Board of Education — except that the only publicly available source she quoted was an article by libertarian Frank Chodorov praising Brown as “in line with what is deepest and strongest and most generous in our historical tradition.”