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How does the percentage of drug overdoses in Portugal compare to the percentage of drug overdoses in the United States?

My intrepid Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy calls again for that great geyser of cronyism, the U.S. Export-Import Bank, to be completely and permanently shuttered.

John Cochrane isn’t impressed by G20 propaganda.  (HT Warren Smith)

Here’s the conclusion of a profound essay by Jeffrey Tucker:

The message that universal liberty needs no tribal strongman has never been more appealing, or more necessary.

Jonah Goldberg explains the co-dependency of Trump and the media.

David Henderson shares an effective reductio ad absurdum from Walter Block about antitrust policy.

My GMU Econ colleague Walter Williams laments the rise of incivility and intolerance on America’s college campuses.

Deirdre McCloskey issues a manifesto for a new American liberalism.  A slice:

In its fitful development after 1776 such a “liberalism,” from a liberalitas long understood by the slave-holding ancients as “the leading characteristic of a non-slavish person,” came to mean the theory of a society consisting entirely of free people. No slaves at all. No pushing around. Humane. Sweet talking. Persuasive. Rhetorical. Voluntary. Minimally violent. Tolerant. No racism. No imperialism. No unnecessary taxes. No dominance of women by men. No messing with other people’s stuff. It recommended a maximum liberty to pursue your own project, if your project does not employ physical violence to interfere with other people’s projects.

Tomorrow (July 11th) at 3:00pm EDT Learn Liberty will host an “Ask Me Anything” with Mike Munger.


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