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Some Links

John Cochrane beautifully shreds a straw-man argument against free-market health-care – a straw-man argument that was featured recently in the New York Times.

Richard Rahn is not impressed by economic forecasts.

Let’s hear it for spending caps!

When did hamburgers get so darn good?

James Pethokoukis reports on the truly worrisome growing fear of, and hostility to, innovation.

David Gordon shows that Nancy MacLean blundered big time.

Art Carden joins in the fun of exposing the utter fantasies, reckless fabrications, and bizarre leaps of illogic that constitute Nancy MacLean’s Democracy in Chains.  Here’s Art’s opening:

Democracy in Chains is – ironically, given author Nancy MacLean’s progressive politics – the perfect book for a presidential administration that subordinates truth to alternative facts.

It purports to be an extensively-researched expose on an intellectual movement rooted in the economist James McGill Buchanan’s (to quote the promotional blurb) “last gasp attempt to preserve the white elite’s power in the wake of Brown v. Board of Education.” It fails to engage Buchanan’s ideas – or even represent them accurately.

MacLean has not produced an objective and well-researched account of a “stealth plan” to keep “Democracy in Chains” but rather a conspiracy tract better suited to the National Enquirer than National Public Radio….