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Some Links

Tim Worstall demolishes The Guardian‘s recent uninformed attack on so-called “neoliberalism” and on F.A. Hayek.

Also from Tim Worstall is this explanation of why manufacturers of robots love minimum-wage legislation.

Here are my colleague Bryan Caplan’s informative reflections on his and his family’s recent month-long stay in France.

Peter Gordon reminds us of the importance of public choice – and wonders why it continues to be largely ignored.  A slice:

Are the problems of democracies and majorities really new and arcane for anyone?  We learn about the Bill of Rights at a very early age.  Limiting majoritarianism addresses a very old and well known problem and is not a part of some vast right wing conspiracy.

The Economist and a string of others are strangely resistant to public choice analysis, as the many discussions of the elixir of Pigouvian taxes indicates.

I do not get it. Are we to maintain a blind faith in the ability of elected officials to somehow divine the “public will”? And do so while maintaining a near-virginal innocence? And these are the people we see in the news all day?

How obsessed and blinkered a statist does one have to be to go on living and believing that way?

Speaking of public choice, my colleague Pete Boettke applauds our colleague Dick Wagner’s new book on the work of James Buchanan.

James Bovard has a kind word for Donald Trump.

Here are Walter Olson’s wise thoughts inspired by the removal of the statue of Roger Taney from the grounds of the Maryland State House.

David Boaz has no compliments for cronyism.