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Deirdre McCloskey’s Preface to Jeff Tucker’s RIGHT-WING COLLECTIVISM

I’m eager to read Jeffrey Tucker’s forthcoming book on the threat of right-wing collectivism – a species of collectivism, no less evil than its left-wing twin, that today threatens us in the form of the presidency of Donald Trump.  Here’s Deirdre McCloskey’s Preface to Jeff’s book.  A slice from Deirdre’s Preface:

A true liberalism breaks down walls, of tyranny and tariffs as much as migration and censorship and occupational licensure. It stands against both of the authoritarian twins and their splendid walls. Tucker urges the humane liberals to stand up, and get straight their people-centered principles. He urges them to stop believing that they are “conservative” and should therefore tolerate a little the drift into fascism, the better to get tax reform.