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Some Links

George Will is rightly disturbed by the increasing infantilization of collegiate life.

Garry Galles wisely warns us against falling for patriotic appeals to “buy American.

Also from Gary Galles is this warning not to fall for the myth that labor unions are a great boon for workers generally.

Here’s wisdom from Cato’s Dan Ikenson.  And here’s his conclusion:

The global economy remains rife with protectionism. The worst way to address it is by being a protectionist.

From 2011: Bill Shughart argues that disaster relief by government is a disaster.  (HT Bob Hessen)

My former student Ninos Malek busts myths about so-called “price gouging.

Iain Murray explains that the forces of creative destruction will one day destroy Amazon.com.

David Henderson and John Cochrane write about climate change.  (HT Warren Smith)  A slice:

Healthy societies do not fall apart over slow, widely predicted, relatively small economic adjustments of the sort painted by climate analysis. Societies do fall apart from war, disease or chaos. Climate policy must compete with other long-term threats for always-scarce resources.