My Mercatus Center colleague Dan Griswold reports on new U.S. Census Bureau data that reveal that ordinary Americans are thriving economically.  (This blog post by Dan was mentioned in this editorial in today’s Wall Street Journal.)

Speaking of Dan Griswold, here are the prepared remarks for some testimony that Dan gave Tuesday on Capitol Hill.

Another of my Mercatus Center colleagues, Veronique de Rugy, continues her intrepid and noble battle against cronyism.

Tim Worstall understands the nature and creativity of economic competition.  And so, of course, also does Deirdre McCloskey.

Pierre Lemieux is unimpressed by the attitude toward NAFTA of both Trump and Trudeau.

John Cochrane compares two newspaper headlines.

George Will’s most-recent column prompted me to order Lucinda Rosenfeld’s new novel Class.  (A novel must be good if it spoofs “Progressives” by describing a fictional restaurant in Brooklyn as having on its menu “pan-seared locally sourced pigeon”!)


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