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by Don Boudreaux on October 3, 2017

in Budget Issues, Monetary Policy, Philosophy of Freedom, Regulation, Video, War

This coming Friday you’ll be able to watch my great colleague Walter Williams discuss, through the auspices of SMU’s O’Neil Center for Global Markets and Freedom, the role of government in a free society.

The great Steve Davies is interviewed by Dave Rubin on classical liberalism and foreign military intervention.

Here’s Arnold Kling on the sociology of sociology.

John Tamny offers sound advice to Mark Zuckerberg.

My intrepid Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy reminds Congress not to forget to cut spending.

My former GMU colleague – and now Hugh H. Macaulay Professor of Economics at Clemson – Tom Hazlett explains, in the Wall Street Journal, how government stifles innovation.  A slice:

Yet regulatory impediments continue to block progress. Years after the L-Band spectrum was slated for productive use in 4G, it lies fallow—now delaying upgrades to 5G.

George Selgin explores the strange official economics of interest on excess reserves.


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