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Some Links

Alberto Mingardi identifies some of the astounding errors in Yoram Hazony’s recent Wall Street Journal essay on liberalism.

Allan Golombek writes beautifully about creative destruction and jobs.  A slice:

Jobs are just tasks we carry out to produce and obtain the things we desire. We will never run out of consumer desires, no matter how many robots or other technologies we create. When technologies take care of some of our needs, they just give us the opportunity to pursue others, an opportunity we grasp eagerly.

Dan Mitchell identifies the most significant source of Puerto Rico’s woes.

Here’s Kevin Williamson on the G.O.P.’s fiscal ‘policy.’

Speaking of Republicans, Steven Greenhut bemoans conservatives’ increasing hostility to free markets.  (HT Anthony Onofreo)

“Liberty is not the outgrowth of homogeneity. It is the solution to the seeming problem of heterogeneity” – so argues Jeff Tucker.

James Pethokoukis speaks with Deirdre McCloskey.  Here’s part of Deirdre’s reply to a question about a political survey:

I think the middle ground is the libertarian ground. I think that most Americans are prepared to let people alone, and that’s the key. That’s what the middle wants. Of course it’s not actually the middle, and that’s the problem. It’s not just left and right, though that’s the way we always talk about it. That ends up putting the true liberals on the right, which makes no sense at all. There’s a second dimension as the survey pointed out, that means we aren’t on this coercive left/right. Both sides, left and right, are interested in coercion of some sort. Whereas we libertarians want people to be free, everyone.

The world is a much poorer place with Fred McChesney no longer in it.