Matt Ridley laments the juvenile attachment to virtue signaling.

Speaking of costs and distractions of virtue signaling, if you really want to reduce gun violence, press for an end to the so-called “war on drugs.

Are Thomas Piketty’s data reliable?

John Tamny busts mercantilist myths about the consequences of government subsidies.

Here’s the opening paragraph to a recent, superb essay by Mike Munger:

People sometimes ask me, “What is the most important concept in political economy?” The answer is easy, but subtle: permissionless innovation, a strong presumption in favor of allowing experimentation with new technologies and with new business platforms that use those technologies. A lot has been written about why this vague concept is so powerful (my own go-to source is Adam Theirer’s Permissionless Innovation).

Gary Galles celebrates the work of Benjamin Constant.

In this video, GMU Econ alum (and Hillsdale College economics professor) Ivan Pongracic discusses public choice.

Scott Sumner identifies a cognitive bias in some behavioral economists (as well as in some New York Times pundits).


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