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Some Links

Nancy MacLean’s calamity of book Democracy in Chains did not win the 2017 National Book Award, despite the travesty of it being a finalist in that competition.  Here’s a slice from an essay on this matter by Jibran Khan:

Democracy in Chains, which has been thoroughly debunked by left, right, libertarian, and center, is no good-faith critique. It features fabricated quotes, ellipses to flip the meaning of actual quotes, and invents ‘facts’ out of whole cloth.

George Will is correct: Roy Moore is an embarrassment.

Here are Steve Moore’s thoughts on tax reform.

And here’s my intrepid Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy on corporate taxes.

My colleague Pete Boettke explains why populists love big government.

Tim Worstall notes the reality of trade-offs.