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Yet More Nancy MacLean Carelessness

Phil Magness finds archival documents that Nancy MacLean – already exposed as historically careless and comically incompetent in her ‘scholarship’ – missed in her “research” on the work of my late Nobel-laureate colleague Jim Buchanan.  Here’s Phil’s conclusion:

In any case, the newly uncovered 1964 appendix only illustrates how far off base MacLean’s claims are in relation to Buchanan’s actual activities and positions. Far from aligning with the “massive resistors,” Buchanan’s position on segregation was consistently critical and his view of vouchers consistently held that they could be used to alleviate the ills of this institution. Democracy in Chains warrants a substantial correction by its publisher, if not outright retraction on account of its numerous and pervasive errors of historical fact.

DBx: Nancy MacLean is to scholarship what Cap’n Crunch is to nutrition.  (Pardon me here if I unduly insult Cap’n Crunch.)


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