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Some Links

Pierre Lemieux reviews, in Regulation, Doug Irwin’s great new book, Clashing Over Commerce.  (Scroll down at this link.)

Speaking of commerce, Inu Manak and Colin Grabow explain some basic realities of commerce to U.S. Commerce secretary Wilbur Ross, who – judging by his repeated statements on the matter – appears, like Trump, to know nothing about it.

John Cochrane writes about my former GMU colleague Tom Hazlett’s new book, Political Spectrum.

Mike Munger says “Tear down those statues!”  Here’s his conclusion:

Take down those statues. Put them in museums, preserve the memory of what they symbolize, but don’t give them places of honor. Because the statues don’t honor the brave sacrifice of the soldiers in the era of the Confederacy. They honor the cowards and racists who re-enslaved black citizens in the era of Jim Crow.

Marian Tupy writes wisely about the freedoms that are at stake in the ‘gay cake case.

Also from Marian Tupy is this account of how free markets promote trust.

Sheldon Richman explains how economic mobility is thwarted by the state.

In this interesting podcast, James Pethokoukis talks with Google’s chief economist, Hal Varian.

Scott Shackford identifies yet another piece of pernicious protectionism at work in the United States.

David Harsanyi pinpoints the blame for political journalism’s sinking credibility.