Debating the Virtue of Selfishness

by Don Boudreaux on January 14, 2018

in Current Affairs

On the evening of Tuesday Jan. 16th, you’ll be able to watch live, and for no charge, a debate on the virtue of selfishness.  The debaters are Yaron Brook and Gene Epstein.  It’ll start at 6:45 pm EST.  You’ll also be able to participate in the Oxford-style before-and-after voting, and write in questions that the debaters might directly address.

Click here to access the video posted by Reason Magazine for 6:45 pm on Tuesday, January 16th.

Go into the link right now and you’ll find a helpful reminder button for 6:45 on the 16th.  You’ll also find the link, which posts the resolution: “Selfishness is a virtue,” under the headline “Pre-Debate Vote.”  You’ll be able to vote right now with a “Yes,’ “No,” or “Undecided” on this resolution.  Your vote will go into the final tally only if you participate in the “Post-Debate” vote that will be held during the live event.


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