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Debating the Virtue of Selfishness

On the evening of Tuesday Jan. 16th, you’ll be able to watch live, and for no charge, a debate on the virtue of selfishness.  The debaters are Yaron Brook and Gene Epstein.  It’ll start at 6:45 pm EST.  You’ll also be able to participate in the Oxford-style before-and-after voting, and write in questions that the debaters might directly address.

Click here to access the video posted by Reason Magazine for 6:45 pm on Tuesday, January 16th.

Go into the link right now and you’ll find a helpful reminder button for 6:45 on the 16th.  You’ll also find the link www.sohovote.com, which posts the resolution: “Selfishness is a virtue,” under the headline “Pre-Debate Vote.”  You’ll be able to vote right now with a “Yes,’ “No,” or “Undecided” on this resolution.  Your vote will go into the final tally only if you participate in the “Post-Debate” vote that will be held during the live event.