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by Don Boudreaux on January 1, 2018

in Immigration, Inequality, Movies, Myths and Fallacies, Regulation, Trade

My colleague Bryan Caplan wins more bets.

George Will calls on courts to prevent breaches of contracts by cowardly university administrators.

Pierre Lemieux identifies a troubling trend in China.  But large migrations of people within China are having a happy effect.

Jeff Jacoby draws an important lesson from the recent special Senatorial election in Alabama.

Jay Owen is rightly pleased that there’s a wealth gap.

Arnold Kling likes The Post.

Simon Lester wisely cautions us free-market types not to get overly excited about the Trump administration’s alleged commitment to deregulation.  A slice:

Nevertheless, when you hear people tout Trump’s push for lessening the burden of regulation, keep in mind that with trade policy, we are seeing a regulatory expansion, including the investigations noted above, as well as, potentially, other new measures under consideration.

With whom should Tyler Cowen converse?


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