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Some Links

My intrepid Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy is rightly appalled at Uncle Sam’s continuing irresponsibility at spending other people’s money.

Speaking of Uncle Sam’s irresponsible spending, George Will makes a case for a balanced-budget amendment.

Fred Smith argues for a more humane economics – and more economically informed humanities.

Filip Steffensen busts some protectionist scarcityist myths about free trade.

Scott Lincicome writes maturely about how Uncle Sam should deal with Chinese intellectual-property policies.

Mark Perry exposes some of flaws in the Economic Policy Institute’s study of the effects of recent minimum-wage hikes.

Speaking of myths about labor markets, John Tamny explains that competition is alive and well in modern American labor markets.  Here’s John’s conclusion:

It should be said that an aversion to government force and so-called positive rights dreamed up by lawmakers is not an aversion to people and workers. It’s merely an acknowledgement of reality. The reality is that everything that’s good in the workplace is an effect of profits that made the good possible. In which case the path to amazing benefits is the very corporate prosperity that so many academics, economists, and thinkers decry as the barrier to them.