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Some Links

Bob Higgs calls out nativists for their arrogance.

Also from Bob Higgs is this explanation for why, in the United States today, it is simply silly to say about undocumented immigrants: They should just stand in line, wait their turn, and come in legally.  (Jeff Jacoby is among those who correctly points out that there really is no such ‘line.‘)

My Mercatus Center colleague Dan Griswold writes wisely about immigration policy.

T. Norman Van Cott busts the myth that immigrants are “stealing our jobs.”  (Note: apart from violations of contracts, no job can be stolen because no worker has a property right in a job.  Among the most misleading common ‘habits of the lip’ is the phrase, and its variations, “stealing jobs.”)

Mark Perry offers some important facts about immigrants.

Alan Golombek documents that comedian Dave Chappelle understands trade far, far better than does Trump (and here neither Golombek nor I damn with faint praise).  A slice:

Chappelle summarized President Trump’s position viz a viz China: “I’m gonna go to China, and I’m gonna get these jobs from China and bring ‘em back to America.” Chappelle then interrupted his Trump soliloquy, asking: “For what, so iPhones can be $9,000? Leave that job in China where it belongs … I wanna wear Nikes, I don’t wanna make those things. Stop trying to give us Chinese jobs.”

David Henderson signs a petition to liberalize the market for plasma.

Tim Worstall understands the economics of bankruptcy.

John Tamny corrects Walter Russell Mead’s misunderstandings of China.

Roger Kimball reviews F.A. Hayek’s enduring legacy.  (HT Anthony Onofreo)