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Some Links

My intrepid Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy asks if the recent U.S. tax reform is already working.

And here’s David Henderson on Veronique’s essay.

Deirdre McCloskey writes about the genuinely scientific branch of economics.  A slice:

Realize, though, that the word “science” is a big problem in English, and is misleading economic historians to try to imitate what they imagine happens in physics. In all other languages, from French to Tamil and back, the local science word means merely “systematic inquiry,” as distinct from, say, casual journalism or unsupported opinion.

Robert Higgs, as he does so often, offers deep wisdom.

Arnold Kling is also a reliable font of insight and wisdom.

Inu Manak counsels calmer language on trade policy.

Colin Grabow writes a second important essay debunking the alleged need to adopt protectionist policies in the name of national security.

Brittany Hunter highly recommends The Greatest Showman.  A slice:

But the entrepreneurial spirit is one of dedication and resilience. And through all of the disappointment and struggles, Barnum was able to leave a legacy behind not only for himself, but for each performer who found personal liberation through his show. He was also able to provide for his family and give them the life he dreamed of as a young boy.