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Some Links

Richard Epstein is rightly unimpressed with the economic-policy advice of Paul Krugman.

Caroline Baum is rightly unimpressed with Donald Trump’s understanding of international trade.

My former teacher Randy Holcombe is similarly rightly unimpressed with Trump’s understanding of trade.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Matthew Slaughter is rightly unimpressed with the Trump administration’s threats to pull the United States out of NAFTA.  A slice:

Think that “tougher” domestic-content rules post-Nafta would help American car manufacturers? Think again. Withdrawing from Nafta could cost the automobile industry more than 20,000 jobs—plus nearly 50,000 auto-parts jobs—while adding $330 to $440 to the cost of every new vehicle sold in America. The idea that more domestic content per vehicle means more domestic jobs ignores that uncompetitive companies make fewer cars.

My GMU Econ colleague Bryan Caplan is rightly impressed with the benefits of trade and immigration.

The late Ralph Raico is rightly unimpressed with some features of John Stuart Mill’s political philosophy.

Bob Higgs is rightly impressed by the market’s unsung heroes.

Warren Meyer is rightly unimpressed with the forthrightness – or lack thereof – of government agencies.

GMU Econ alum Abby Hall Blanco is rightly unimpressed with those who deny that raising the minimum wage will reduce the employment opportunities open to low-skilled workers.