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Some Links

Amity Shlaes makes the case for growth rather than for so-called ‘equality.

Here’s the conclusion to George Will’s current column:

Americans consider deferral of gratification unnatural, which it is. Time was, however, thrift was considered a virtue. People sat at kitchen tables, calculating how to bring their outlays, for living and retiring, into alignment with their incomes. But eventually many people decided: This is no fun. Instead, let’s disconnect enjoyable spending decisions from tiresome facts about resources, thereby living the way the federal government does.

(My GMU colleague Todd Zywicki’s 2014 book keeps me from being, on this front, as pessimistic as is George Will about household behavior.)

NAFTA makes burgers better.

David Henderson isn’t worried about innovation leading to lasting unemployment.

Communism is nothing to celebrate.

Here’s good sense from Richard Rahn.

My former teacher Randy Holcombe is an easy grader (but, in fairness to Randy, all such grades are inevitably done on a curve).

Kate Andrews and Steve Davies discuss, in this podcast, the economics and morality of ticket scalping.  (BTW, Happy Birthday, Steve!)