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Some Links

My intrepid Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy makes the case for more open immigration.

Here’s Russ Roberts’s EconTalk podcast with my colleague Bryan Caplan on Bryan’s new book, The Case Against Education.

George Will counsels that we curb our enthusiasm for spending on infrastructure.  A slice:

Bipartisanship, the absence of which is lamented until its recurrence reminds us of its costs, this month produced the budget agreement. It put the nation on a path to trillion-dollar deficits during brisk economic growth and full employment. So, Democrats face a disagreeable decision. They tend to regret private-sector involvement that taints the purity of government’s undertakings. Democrats might, however, have to embrace public-private partnerships that generate revenue streams — from tolls, user fees and other devices — for investors. That is, Democrats, whose euphemism for government spending is “investments,” might have to tolerate real ones.

David Henderson weighs in on the public purpose of good economics.

Marian Tupy is right that Julian Simon was right.

My Mercatus Center colleagues Bob Graboyes and Matt Mitchell are unimpressed with the Trump administration’s plan for replacing food stamps.

Matt Ridley is rightly disturbed by the new censoriousness that is sweeping modern society.  A slice:

There is an odd contradiction between the declared wish to live and let live — “diversity!”, “don’t judge!” — and the actual behaviour, which is ruthlessly and priggishly judgmental. They never stop drafting acts of uniformity, always in the name of the collective against the individual. The minority of one is the most oppressed minority of all.