Shikha Dalmia argues persuasively that United States border bouncers (as she so aptly calls them) already have too much power; they do not need additional powers, such as those of spying on private people.

John Tamny draws an important lesson from “the awful Republican budget.

Richard Rahn makes the case for privatizing as many government agencies as possible.

Todd Zywicki, a colleague from over in GMU’s Scalia School of Law, writes in today’s Wall Street Journal on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

James Pethokoukis is understandably underwhelmed by Scott Galloway’s historically uninformed, economically unlearned, and politically unaware case for breaking up today’s large tech firms.

Randy Holcombe writes about gun control.  And relatedly, here’s Alan Reynolds on the data on mass shootings in the U.S.

My Mercatus Center colleagues Veronique de Rugy and Justin Leventhal put U.S. government spending in perspective.

For those of you in upstate New York, my GMU Econ colleague Alex Tabarrok will speak on Wednesday at the University of Rochester.


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