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I second my intrepid Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy’s well wishes to our mutual acquaintance Larry Kudlow in his new role as Trump economic advisor.  I hope against hope – as Veronique does – that Larry is able to talk sense into Trump on trade.  A slice:

There are many good things to say about Larry Kudlow. But as it relates to this job, the best news of all might be that he is no Peter Navarro—the anti-trade Trump advisor.

Unlike Navarro, who has said that he believes it’s his job to confirm Trump’s worst anti-trade instincts, Kudlow has been a consistent advocate for free trade. When he worked at the White House under president Reagan he used to call free traders like him The White Hats. As such he didn’t hesitate to express publicly his opposition to the president’s recent decision to impose punishing tariffs on steel and aluminum.

Here’s more from Veronique on trade and Trump’s punitive taxes on Americans who buy steel and aluminum.

Another Mercatus Center colleague, Christine McDaniel, also wishes Larry Kudlow the best in his new role.

Anyone who is even thinking of raising a mugful to toast Trump’s punitive taxes on Americans who buy steel and aluminum might first want to read this report.

John Tamny wisely counsels conservatives to stop apologizing for their support of free markets.

George Will movingly warns us to beware of supporting genocide.

Pierre Lemieux wonders just how far you’d (not) go to reduce the trade deficit.

Barry Brownstein explains why Trump’s punitive taxes on American consumers are an ominous omen.

Ryan Bourne eloquently argues that two trade wrongs do not make a right.