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Some Links

Northwestern University law professor John McGinnis explains how the sharing economy is reducing economic inequality.

Barry Brownstein corrects the late Stephen Hawking’s mistaken views of the consequences of technological innovation.

David Bier busts a common myth about immigrants and crime.

David Boaz rightly applauds marijuana legalization – and rightly objects to the government diktats that attend this legalization.

Matt Ridley warns against the pessimism bias – and of how news encourages this bias.

Ilya Somin makes a strong case against the folly of giving special credence to the political views of children and of victims.

Mark Perry busts some myths about the service sector.  A slice:

It’s a great point that all of the incessant hand-wringing about the loss of US factory jobs, the decline of the Rust Belt and the supposed “hollowing out of American manufacturing,” and the subsequent attempts to save or bring back those jobs with protectionist trade policy, miss the bigger picture of the US labor market, which is a job-creating machine when it comes to the dynamic, thriving service-providing sector that has added an average of 4,500 new jobs every day to the nation’s labor force over the last half-century.

My Mercatus Center colleague Dan Griswold corrects a misunderstanding that Larry Kudlow has about value-added taxes and trade.