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Some Leland Yeager Links

Here are remembrances of the late, great Leland Yeager (1924-2018) from:

George Selgin.  A slice:

After I’d known him for some years, it occurred to me that, although I’d learned plenty from Leland’s writings on monetary economics, most of those writings were scattered throughout various professional journals, some of which weren’t easy to come by. (This was, needless to say, in the days before the world-wide-web and PDFs and all that.) So I had the bright idea of gathering them together under one cover, along with several of Leland’s unpublished papers. I approached Liberty Fund with the proposal, knowing that, if they went for it, I’d end up not only with a beautiful book, but with one that, in its paperback version especially, even grad students might reckon a bargain. Such was the genesis of The Fluttering Veil.

David Gordon.  A slice:

Yeager ranged widely in his contributions to economic theory. He early established a reputation in international trade theory and was a strong critic of protectionist and restrictionist schemes of all sorts. He was a master of the difficult field of capital theory, and here the mistaken approach of Frank Knight could excite him to fury. In monetary theory, he wrote in the tradition of Clark Warburton. He translated Mises’s Nation. State, and Economy.

Tyler Cowen.

Alex Tabarrok.

David Henderson.

Chris Sciabarra.

Roger Koppl.

Bob Higgs.