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Some Links

Although Trump bestows favors on a select few American businesses, Steve Chapman explains that Trump is in fact a quite anti-business president.  (HT David Boaz)  A slice:

Economists Steven Davis (University of Chicago), Scott Baker (Northwestern), and Nicholas Bloom (Stanford) attributed weak growth and job creation to “extreme uncertainty” that Obama helped to create through “harmful rhetorical attacks on business and ‘millionaires,’ failure to tackle entitlement reforms and fiscal imbalances, and political brinkmanship.”

Hmm. Does that sound like anyone else? Trump has also attacked businesses, failed to curb entitlements, and, through tax cuts and spending bills, created ever-growing fiscal imbalances.

Shikha Dalmia rightly calls out the lawlessness (indeed, the thuggish cruelty) of Trump’s attack on immigrants.  Here’s Shikha’s correct conclusion:

To enforce the law, the Trump administration is refusing the play by the rules, becoming lawless itself. This is the essence of tyranny.

John Samples examines yet another of the many ways that Trump’s buffoonish ignorance and tyrant-like disdain for law threaten Americans.

Jonah Goldberg eloquently sings the praises of Martin Luther King, Jr.

John McGinnis is correct: among the greatest and most praiseworthy successes over the past half-century of American conservatives (and libertarians) is the reining-in of antitrust regulation.  (HT Alberto Mingardi)

My GMU Econ colleague Chris Coyne, along with GMU Econ alum Abby Hall – writing in USA Today – bemoan the militarization of police in America.

The great Bruce Yandle decries Trump’s tariffs punitive taxes on Americans who buy imports.