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FEECon will soon take place in Atlanta.  (I’ll be there June 8th-10th.)

My intrepid Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy accurately describes Seattle’s worker-head tax as “idiotic.”  A slice:

But those who constantly lust over other people’s money have no shame. A union-backed activist group named Working Washington immediately called for — wait for it — Amazon to be charged with a felony for the crime of “intimidating a public servant.” Simply questioning whether its business expansion in Seattle would be a good idea in the face of an arbitrary and substantial increase of its labor costs was the alleged crime.

Of course, what Amazon did is no different from what many taxpayers do when taxes increase to cover poor money management. I, for instance, am in the process of deciding whether I really want to continue offering my home through Airbnb now that Arlington County, Virginia, requires a business license to rent a room in one’s own home, a 7.25 percent tax and filing a monthly tax return for the unit.

On Trump’s efforts to drain the swamp, Bruce Yandle worries that for every drop drained out two new drops are added in.  Here’s Bruce’s opening:

President Trump’s promise to drain the Washington swamp of excessive command-and-control, top-down regulation is delivering an all too familiar outcome: an even murkier swamp that cartelizes select industries worldwide by way of command-and-control, top-down regulation.

David Henderson gives Little Pink House a high grade.

The dominant force in politicizing higher eduction in the United States is U.S. government involvement in it.

Here’s a summary by Alex Nowrasteh of the state of immigration enforcement in the U.S.

Robby Soave points us to a new study that finds that irritation with political correctness played a role in helping Trump win the 2016 presidential election.

There are indeed a staggering number of losers from Trump’s tariffs – indeed, even more than showed up recently on Capitol Hill.