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My intrepid Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy is appalled by protectionism for U.S. commercial airlines.  Here’s her opening:

Though competition is great for consumers — as they get more and better goods and services for less money — some companies dislike the constant pressure it creates for them to stay ahead. When that’s the case, it’s no surprise when they call on the government to squash annoying competitors. Case in point: the big three U.S. airlines’ attempts to limit the pressure by Persian Gulf carriers on their price and quality. Apparently, flying the friendly sky is all about U.S. airlines making money on the backs of their captive consumers.

The U.S. Starts a Trade War – With Its Allies.

The editors at the Wall Street Journal are right to be harshly critical of Trump’s absurd and destructive trade policies.  Here’s their conclusion:

Mr. Trump has been establishing a solid economic record with tax cuts and deregulation, but his escalating trade war puts that at risk. He aspires to be Ronald Reagan but his tariff folly echoes of Herbert Hoover.

Cato’s Dan Ikenson argues that Trump has abused the power of his office to impose some tariffs.

Eric Boehm explains that Trump’s tariffs will artificially raise the costs Americans incur to recover from any hurricane damage that might occur this year.

David Harsanyi wonders why those on the political left aren’t celebrating higher gasoline prices.

George Will reviews Mitch McConnell’s recored as leader of the Senate’s GOP contingent.


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