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Art Carden offers sound advice on how to respond to Trump’s ignorant pronouncements on trade. A slice:

The cruel irony is that all of the benefits of the tariffs to domestic producers can be wasted in lobbying and political jockeying for tariffs and other protection. The fantastic amounts of time and energy expended by expensive lobbyists in K Street offices to persuade politicians to adopt restrictions on international trade? It’s pure social waste. It’s beneficial for the lobbyists and beneficial for the firms that increase their profits thanks to tariffs, but every dollar of additional income to a tariff-protected firm is a dollar that comes out of American consumers’ pockets.

Dan Mitchell warns of the dangers of Trump’s protectionism.

Here’s David Henderson on the irreconcilability of the warfare state with liberty.

Sam Staley reviews Adrift.

Larry Reed is stepping down after ten years as president of FEE.

Marian Tupy and Paul Meany explain what the ancients expected about the future.

John Tamny advises Google to tell Congress to mind its own business.

I agree completely with Arnold Kling about recycling.


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