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Some Links

My intrepid Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy busts foundational myths about U.S. trade with China. A slice:

Also puzzling is the constant refrain about China producing more than it needs. Even if this overcapacity were a boon for China, it would still be to the benefit of millions of American consumers. It lowers costs for thousands of small U.S. manufacturers and steel consumers. But in reality, this “overproduction” is a tragedy for the Chinese people because their government’s subsidization of steel production inevitably diverts resources from other areas of the Chinese economy. I don’t hear Americans and Europeans complaining about all the stuff China isn’t producing because its government stupidly wants to produce a lot of steel. So the next time you encounter someone lamenting China’s overcapacity, shed a tear or two for the Chinese people and recognize that some American non-steel production might fall if (and when) Beijing stops diverting so many resources into Chinese steel factories.

Also from Veronique is this CNBC appearance to discuss Trump’s reaction to Harley-Davidson’s response to Trump’s asinine protectionism.

Mark Perry points us to a Financial Times essay on the dangers posed to the global economy by Trump’s asinine protectionism. (Actually, all protectionism is asinine. Trump’s contribution – and it is real – is to promote protectionism in a manner that fully reveals to all thinking people its asininity.)

David Henderson reviews Eric Posner’s and Glen Weyl’s Radical Markets.

Damon Root compares Neil Gorsuch to Anthony Kennedy.

Ilya Shapiro discusses Janus v. AFSCME.