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Some Links

Richard Epstein celebrates the 70th birthday of Mario Rizzo. (By the way, not only did I learn an enormous amount of industrial-organization theory as a student in Mario’s graduate I.O. class at NYU during the Fall 1981 semester, I learned also how to think more wisely and insightfully about competition.)

Roger Koppl also celebrates Mario’s contributions.

Jeff Tucker has more on Mario.

George Will asks “what might a socialist American government do?” Here’s a slice that should be pondered with special attentiveness by Trump’s fans:

Socialism favors the thorough permeation of economic life by “social” (a.k.a. political) considerations, so it embraces protectionism — government telling consumers what they can buy, in what quantities and at what prices. (A socialist American government might even set quotas and prices for foreign washing machines.)

Shikha Dalmia rightly bemoans Trump’s United Gates of America.

Speaking of immigration restrictions restrictions on the freedom of Americans to choose with whom they associate in America, David Henderson shares a story of America’s loss.

Also on immigration is John Mauldin. (HT Steve Hardy) (Note: the path that I propose to ensure that immigrants comes to America legally is to abolish the quota system that arbitrarily prevents countless people from immigrating to America.)

Russ Roberts talks culture, morality, and economics with Arnold Kling.

My GMU Econ colleague Dan Klein takes a critical look at the critics of post-modernism.

Jamie Whyte celebrates Uber.