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Bonus Quotation of the Day…

… is from page 12 of the typescript of University of Arizona philosophy doctoral candidate Alexander Schaefer’s superb 2018 paper “Coping with Complexity: A Theory of Hayekian Interventionism”:

The spontaneous order, Hayek’s alternative to central planning, is essentially a method – accidentally discovered, unwittingly employed – for coping with complexity. By undermining the spontaneous ordering forces of society, intervention by a planning authority undermines our ability to deal effectively with the complexities arising from a diversified and highly interdependent society.

DBx: As Alex (pictured here) understands – and as Hayek understood – no one appreciates and celebrates modern society’s true and vast diversity as much as do classical liberals and libertarians. “Progressives” fancy that diversity begins and ends with relatively simple phenomena such as differences in skin color, in genitalia, and in sexual preferences. In contrast, classical liberals and libertarians understand that society’s diversity is far, far greater and more unfathomable than are the simple, ho-hum, and mostly superficial phenomena that monopolize the attention of “progressives.”