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Some Links

My intrepid Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy makes the ethical case for free markets and against nanny statism. A slice:

In his book Permissionless Innovation, my colleague Adam Thierer argues that creators of new technology shouldn’t have to seek the blessing of skeptical, out-of-touch regulators before they can develop and offer their innovations to consumers. In fact, it’s because some innovators have had the nerve to start a business without asking for permission that we all benefit now from services like Uber and Lyft, Homejoy, grocery-delivery services like Instacart, last-minute errand-running services like TaskRabbit, restaurant-quality meal-delivery services like SpoonRocket, and more.

Chris Koopman warns of the risks of risk aversion at the Federal Aviation Administration.

Tyler Cowen’s new book, Stubborn Attachments, will be available in October.

What did Americans think of Uncle Sam and of FDR in 1932?

John McGinnis explains that “Progressive” regulations increase economic inequality.

Speaking of the baneful effects of government-imposed regulations, here’s more from Bill Shughart.

Dan Mitchell celebrates tax competition.