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Some Links

Here’s an interview with my GMU Econ colleague Bryan Caplan on immigration.

Speaking of immigration, Joe Setyon reveals the inhumanity of ICE.

In my latest column in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, I celebrate modernity and economic progress. A slice:

If today no particular jobs are destroyed by market forces, then today no economic progress has occurred. No less costly source of supplies has been found. No new technique for increasing worker productivity has been implemented. No person has been blessed with a better way to meet his and his family’s needs. And because no worker is released from an existing job, no workers are available to perform new jobs in cutting-edge industries.

Mike Munger writes about the origin and meaning of profit.

Deirdre McCloskey’s Manifesto for a Humane True Liberalism will be published next year by the Yale University Press. Here are drafts of the first seven chapters.

I am pleased to have been a guest – discussing trade – on a recent Rio Grande Foundation podcast with Paul Gessing and Dowd Muska.

Mark Perry points us to Time‘s profile of Trump’s top scarcityist guru, Peter Navarro.

Also from Mark Perry is this round-up of some of the many unnecessary burdens that Trump’s protectionism is inflicting on Americans.

And Eric Boehm has yet more on the damage that Trump’s idiotic trade policies are visiting on Americans.