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How many American Progressives would condone the following argument from a Trump supporter (or from a passionate mob of righteous Trump supporters)?

Some Americans, indisputably, have been the victims of violent crimes committed by immigrants. Therefore, any immigrant who is accused by any American of committing a violent crime against an American must be presumed guilty of the charge, or at least bear the burden of proving his or her innocence. Further, anyone who insists outside of a criminal court that, if there is nothing to back the accusation other than the accusation itself and the believability of the accuser, the accused deserves the presumption of innocence, is someone who is both insensitive to the plight of violent-crime victims and an out-of-touch creep blinded by his or her bigoted identification with immigrants. Any such person should be shouted down, ridiculed, and exposed as an anti-social pariah.

Progressives wisely and humanely remind us regularly that violent crimes committed by some immigrants are no excuse to despise all immigrants, or even to treat all immigrants with less civility and respect than is accorded to all peaceful Americans. Judging the group by the actions of some members of the group is highly illiberal – illiberal in both political senses of this term. And so why do so many Progressives today treat men differently and illiberally?


Yes, I’m a man. Am I and other men, therefore, to be accorded second-class status today – am I and other men to be denied some of the basic protections of civilization – because of our unchosen and unalterable chromosomal make-up? And does the son carry any sin that might, or might not, have been committed by the grandfather?