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Some Links

The great Steve Davies explains that multiethnic societies can be stable, peaceful, and prosperous. Here’s Steve’s conclusion:

The great majority must hold fast to a humane position, in personal relations or speech, and organizing among themselves, to counteract the rise of politicized bigotry in all its forms. This is not easy but the cost of not doing it can be very high.

My intrepid Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy makes the case against government-provided paid parental leave.

Writing in today’s Wall Street Journal, Heather Mac Donald understandably worries that many of the lawyers being trained today at America’s elite law schools will have utterly inappropriate temperaments to become the judges that, frighteningly, many of them will one day become. A slice:

The Kavanaugh hysteria has provided the country with a crash course in academic victim politics. The tribal denunciations of “privileged white males,” the moral panic over fantastical accounts of sexual predation, the spectacle of Ivy League law students claiming to feel “unsafe,” the assertion that a single uncorroborated outbreak of male teen hormones should cancel a lifetime of achievement in the law—all originate in the anti-Enlightenment ethos of the academy, embodied in critical race studies, feminist legal theory, and the attacks on the Socratic teaching method as anti-female and anti-“survivor.”

Speaking of campus irrationality, E. Roy Weintraub , Kevin Hoover, and Bruce Caldwell defend Duke University’s Center for the History of Political Economy from absurd charges that it is in league with white supremacists.

Ben Zycher rightly laments a jaw-droppingly poor report on climate change by the Washington Post.

GMU Econ PhD candidate Slade Mendenhall writes about the cost of Trump’s tariffs thus far.

Here’s Jeffrey Tucker on Nafta 2.0 (“USMCA”).

GMU Econ alum Mark Perry offers a compelling case for repeal of the protectionist Jones Act.