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Some Links

Here’s my GMU Econ colleague Bryan Caplan at his best. A slice:

The socialists of today aren’t experienced logisticians who fail to see the disanalogies between running an organization and running a whole society.  They’re dreamers who want to lead before they learn to follow.  So while I’d gladly give a socialist general a lecture on the economics of socialism, today’s typical socialist needs to hear a simpler message: They should learn to make solid mundane plans for their own lives before they think about imposing grandiose plans on the rest of the world.

GMU Econ alum Alex Nowrasteh exposes many flaws that infect Yoram Hazony’s book The Virtue of Nationalism. Here’s Alex’s conclusion:

We are living in a time of renewed nationalism.  Whether this is a temporary blip or a long-term shift remains to be seen, but there is a scarcity of modern books, articles, or other writings that can competently explain that political ideology and make the case for it.  Hazony’s book fails for many reasons, but his insistence on defining nationalism in such a specific way that excludes virtually all nation-states that have ever existed should be a big red flag to anybody interested in this topic.

Roger Ream challenges us to preserve the values of a free society in higher education.

George Will rightly upbraids federal prosecutors for their current crusade against sports-gear companies for alleged athlete-recruiting violations.

Radley Balko continues his noble crusade against unwarranted violence by police.

Bob Higgs explains that restrictions on trade and on immigration unleash most of their damage on residents of the countries whose governments impose these restrictions.