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by Don Boudreaux on November 7, 2018

in Financial Markets, Health, Immigration, Philosophy of Freedom, Taxes, Trade

My intrepid Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy decries yet another G.O.P. capitulation on health care. Here’s her opening paragraph:

Republicans have established a clear pattern on health care. First, they rail against whatever big-government scheme Democrats propose. Then, after a half-hearted and incompetent effort to convince the public of the benefits of a market-oriented system, they abandon their principles and adopt the big-government idea as their own in order to win or hold power.

If you really want to create jobs as quickly as possible, curb occupation-licensing restrictions – so argues my Mercatus Center colleague (and GMU Econ alum) Matt Mitchell. A slice:

The ostensible reason for licensure is to protect public health and safety. A well-designed set of tests and training requirements might do that. On the other hand, licensure limits one of the strongest guarantors of good service: competition.

David Bier reports the good news that the United States House of Representatives that will be gaveled into action in January 2019 will be the most pro-immigration House in over a century.

David Henderson writes wisely about writing about taxation.

Emily Ekins has a refreshing take on pre-existing conditions.

Jeffrey Tucker argues that there might indeed be a case for financial intermediation.

George Will is right to applaud a divided U.S. Congress.

Richard Ebeling makes the case that liberal capitalism is the ideology of freedom and moderation.

GMU Econ alum Ryan Young asks: “What do the midterms mean for trade?


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